L’Oreal Perfect Match Concealer 

Someone pointed out that many of the products I review aren’t exactly on the cheap side – in fact most of my make up products are luxury brands these days. This is probably down to convenience and laziness on my part – as much as I love Boots & Superdrug, it’s a proper mission to find and try on make up in the tiny aisles with hordes of other customers! I prefer make up counters where I can easily see what’s available, try it on AND have wipes and tissues provided to remove it…

However, my office is conveniently next door to a Superdrug so I decided to pick up some concealers to try out. One of these was the L’Oreal Perfect/TrueMatch concealer and it is really very good!!! It is thick enough to provide decent coverage and has an easy to use wand applicator. I was pleasantly surprised given it was about £7. Definitely adding this to my on-the-go make up bag! 


Post Bank Holiday Blues Pick-Me-Up

If you were back to work and feeling a bit meh after the long weekend like I was this week, I’d recommend booking in a makeover! My friend and I went to Charlotte Tilbury’s Covent Garden store for a fresh look & some make up advice. A session with them will set you back £35, but it’s redeemable on products you buy – although be warned! The products aren’t cheap so you’d only be able to get 1-2 max within that budget… needless to say I am now broke, but hopefully beautiful! 

I particularly liked the blush – here’s what they put on me…

The Filmstar Bronze and Glow plus the Cheek to Chic blush seemed to give me a great glow and you can barely see my dark skin spots – RESULT!

Quest to find the best concealer

In the last 5 years or so, I seem to have developed clusters of hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks – I’m not talking about cute, tiny freckles here. Oh no… these are larger areas of darker skin and I hate them! I’m frequently told I have smudged make up on my face when, in actual fact, it’s these dark spots… I’ve actually been to a dermatologist already, but to cut a long story short, there’s no cream solution so I’ll have to have them lasered into oblivion. 

Until I pluck up the courage (and take out a new credit card) for such a procedure, I’m on the lookout for the best concealer. 

Cue Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which I bought a few weeks ago after reading its constant rave reviews. Well, it doesn’t completely conceal my dark spots, however it is actually wonderful for under the eyes if you want light coverage that doesn’t feel thick and heavy on the skin. It definitely has some light-reflecting qualities and really brightens up the under eye area, without sinking into creases. The lip gloss style wand makes it super easy to apply as well. It’s not cheap at £23, but I reckon it’ll last ages! 

That’s my under eyes sorted, now back to hyper-pigmentation cover….

Clarins BB Cream

I know it’s not really a foundation, but Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream is a BB cream that is quite thick and creamy and gives pretty good coverage for blemishes, age spots, dark circles etc. I mainly use it as a base before applying the rest of my make up, but as I’m on vaycay now and have caught some sun (gloats), I’m using it as my only make up. Not only does it give an even skin tone, but it also boasts SPF 25. I have olive-y skintones, but I use the ‘dark’ one as it makes me look sunkissed and radiant, so definitely worth a try!

Since writing this, I’ve discovered that there’s another BB cream called Skin Detox Fluid also by Clarins and I would definitely recommend it over the cream. It is less heavy but provides a similar coverage, so it’s perfect for warmer climes too!

Chanel foundation

Just found a tester for a Chanel foundation, le teint ultra tenue. Now, I never use these because they’re inevitably too light for my mixed race skin, but I tried it out seeing as I’m staying in today supposed to be tidying my dressing table right now. And it’s got great coverage, smells really nice and feels quite thick while you’re applying it (feels a bit odd, kind of sticky) – I do it with my fingers. It sort of starts to dry and ‘sets’ on your face so apart from the sticky feel initially which goes, it’s a great base for make up! 5/5 from me! Now back to sorting dressing table…