Post Bank Holiday Blues Pick-Me-Up

If you were back to work and feeling a bit meh after the long weekend like I was this week, I’d recommend booking in a makeover! My friend and I went to Charlotte Tilbury’s Covent Garden store for a fresh look & some make up advice. A session with them will set you back £35, but it’s redeemable on products you buy – although be warned! The products aren’t cheap so you’d only be able to get 1-2 max within that budget… needless to say I am now broke, but hopefully beautiful! 

I particularly liked the blush – here’s what they put on me…

The Filmstar Bronze and Glow plus the Cheek to Chic blush seemed to give me a great glow and you can barely see my dark skin spots – RESULT!


Dry lips?

My lips are so often dry these days! I’m still searching for something to keep my lips hydrated all day long AND add some colour at the same time so I will keep you posted on that journey…  Until then, here’s what I’ve learned about dealing with dry lips:

1. Vaseline only provides short-lived relief and seems to leave my lips even drier! 

2. There’s a good reason that many state Elizabeth Arden Eight-hour Skin Protectant (the one in the tube at about £27, not in the lippy format) as their main go-to product. Yes, it smells a bit odd (herbally but not in the best way) but it really does hydrate the lips – I use it at night and can sometimes still feel it when I wake up in the morning. I find it a bit fiddly for daytime as you have to squeeze it out on to your finger first, but my friend Dina uses it in the day and it makes her lips look nice and shiny, so this gets a massive thumbs up from me. Also great for dry elbows/knees!

3. I stumbled across Dr PawPaw Multipurpose soothing balm in a wonderful beauty box that my friend Kaysheen got me from Look Fantastic to help me start blogging (thanks Kaysh!) and this really does moisturise lips, but does need regular re-application and is also a little fiddly (as above). The good thing is that it comes in various shades – mine is the Tinted Ultimate Red – but don’t be fooled, it’s not bright red at all, just the smallest hint of colour. Around £7 online and looks like Superdrug may be stockists.

4. I’m not usually a fan of No7 products, but their BB Lips is a really lovely lip product which works for moisturising and adding colour. It feels like you’re wearing a lip balm but it looks a little glossy, and the colours are great! I definitely recommend this, £9 from Boots.

I’ll let you know when I find the ultimate lip product that gives a great dose of moisture in the perfect shade with a little gloss-effect, lasts all day and doesn’t transfer onto my wine glass…!

Lip oil anyone?

On a recent issue of Stylist, there was a double page advert for Clarins Instant Light Oil which I had totally forgotten about… I bought this over 6 months ago as I have quite dry lips and assumed ‘lip oil’ would be lovely and moisturising, but not quite so! It doesn’t last very long, is quite liquid-y but a bit sticky at the same time, and although I chose one of the brightest colours (Raspberry) it barely shows up on my lips! So I must say, I doubt I’ll bother using it again. They seem to get good reviews elsewhere, so maybe it’s just me, but I’m going to be trying YSL’s Volupte Tint in Oil next! I’ll keep you posted…