The big ‘O’?

OH EM GEE! I am absolutely in love with Nars Orgasm blush… It’s an incredible pinky powder blush with gold-like shimmer that highlights your cheeks when it catches the light, and I have had several people ask what blush I’m using lately. I tried out Super Orgasm, but that has far too much gold shimmer for me – may be better for a night out rather than everyday. For now, I am hooked on this blush and the staying power is amazing! I would say at least 12 hours (and that includes London hustle & bustle, tube journeys and all!).



2 thoughts on “The big ‘O’?

  1. Hey RayRay! Thanks for checking out my blog firstly…
    I’d apply this over blusher. You’re supposed to apply bronzer in a ‘3’ shape on your face from forehead to cheek to chin, but I don’t bother with chin line and forehead, just lower cheek. Then blush from the apple of the cheek outwards 🙂 xx


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