Nars ‘not so’ Audacious Mascara?

I just had to Google Audacious to make sure my understanding was correct… Bold, Daring, Fearless you say? I would say this mascara is none of those things, sadly.

I like to have thick luscious lashes and this absolutely did not deliver. Firstly, it smells a bit like glue, not in a strong way, but not so great either. It’s a bit runny in texture which is never going to help me achieve my thick lash effect and the worst thing about it, in my opinion, is the wand. The bristles are quite long, which makes getting to the root of your lash without stabbing yourself in the eye impossible. Cue tears and panda eyes to sort out before continuing application. It’s difficult to get to your bottom lashes with this wand too, so I ended up using a completely different mascara (le volume de Chanel aka Ye old faithful) to complete my look. Longer lashes? Tick. But they are not thick and plumped out and it took about 100 strokes to get anywhere near acceptable eyelashes. Unless you’re looking for a subtle lift and elongate on your lashes, I’d suggest saving yourself £21 and trying something else.


2 thoughts on “Nars ‘not so’ Audacious Mascara?

  1. £21 for a mascara that doesn’t even do the trick!? Thanks for the tip, I won’t bother with Nars….would you recommend Le volume de Chanel does it all?


  2. Yes, if you like thick long lashes so it looks so good they could be falsies, it’s one of my favourites! Or YSL Faux Cils which is also good – will review that soon 🙂


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