16-hour Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Pencil?

Ok, so they claim it lasts for 16 hours straight… it doesn’t I’m afraid! I wear it on the waterline of my eye so that probably doesn’t help, but within a few hours (especially in summer) it transfers to my undereye and requires mopping up! But it does glide on easily with a strong solid colour, so with regular top ups, it looks pretty good! However, I wouldn’t try it on my upper lid as I expect it would transfer, but I reckon this would be great for a smoky eye if you smudge it for effect on purpose and at £5 it’s a bargain buy anyway!


4 thoughts on “16-hour Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Pencil?

  1. Thanks Suzy, this used to be my favourite pencil, until I discovered Avon’s SHOCK kohl pencil, which is amazing and truly does last all day. Have you tried it?

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  2. I really like the Marc Jacobs and Sephora own brand waterproof pencils for lining my waterline… I forget the names of them but they’re almost identical in texture, somewhere between a kohl and a marker pen!

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