Better than sex?

I really love how cheeky Too Faced are! What a great name for a mascara… 

As I mentioned before, my eye make up often smudges so I tend to opt for waterproof mascara most of the time. I stumbled across this one in Sephora and I must admit, the packaging won me over – I had to buy it. 
1944% more volume apparently… the claims are impressive! According to their consumer study, 97% said it increased volume and length and 94% said it stays put all day. As someone who works in market research, I’m curious to know how many people were interviewed…! 

I was pretty excited to see if this actually lived up to the hype, so I tried it out today. It absolutely increases the volume of your lashes, mine were multiplied and instantly more voluminous. However I didn’t get too much from it in terms of lengthening and it has lasted well but not perfectly all day. The brush is quite fat and fiddly, so if you hate clumps, this isn’t the mascara for you. I’d recommend purely for volume though, although at £19 it’s not the cheapest option out there. 

Better than sex? The jury’s out on that…


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